Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services- Best Value Hosting

Expensive hosting plans offer a variety of features. However, Cheap WordPress Hosting can offer everything a website needs.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

For a blog or a small business website, cheap hosting can provide fantastic performance and security. In most cases, the prices are less than 5 USD per month.

There are certain hosting providers offering the cheapest WordPress hosting for a long time. They hold a great track record and positive reviews.

Expectations from a cheap WordPress Hosting

When it comes to cheap web hosting, there is a lot of value for your bucks. It’s important to realize that this type of hosting will not get you top-notch features. However, it will do your required job.

Here you will have shared hosting space and a good amount of monthly bandwidth. This budget plan often supports 1-3 websites. You will get 24/7 customer support and the support team is quite impressive.

The Best Budget WordPress Hosting

When it comes to cheap hosting for WordPress, every hosting company offers it at similar kind of prices. We will look for the best value for your money and the reviews of them by their customers.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost offers its basic plan starting at just 2.95 USD per month. The price is a bit higher than its competitors but it also offers more value. You can host only one website on this plan.

It is one of the most famous web hosts for hosting your WordPress website. It offers a discounted price if you pre-pay for at least 3 years.

The storage option is 50 GB SSD and unmetered bandwidth. You will get a free domain registration with this package and a free SSL certificate for 1 year.

2. Namecheap

Every starter blogger considers using the Namecheap Stellar Plan which costs only 1.44 USD per month. They have options to pay bills on monthly basis. It is one of the most cost-efficient hosts on the market.

The hosting plan comes with 20 GB SSD storage with unmetered bandwidth. You can host up to 3 websites together and will get a free SSL certificate for a year.

3. Hostinger

The cheapest shared hosting plan you can find is Hostinger starter plan. It costs only 0.99 USD per month for a single website hosting

However, you need to pay the price for 2 years together to get this offer. This plan offers unmetered storage and 100GB of storage. You will also get free SSL with your hosting plan.

4. DreamHost

The Cheapest DreamHost plans are the shared hosting options. This plan named as Shared Started tier costs 2.59$ per month with 3 years of pre-paying. If you want to pay monthly then the prices will be 4.59$.

You can host one website and get one free domain registration. But the downside is that they do not disclose any storage or bandwidth. They provide unmetered storage and bandwidth. You will also get free SSL for 1 year.

What is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

The starter hosting plans pack in an amazing value. They will do everything right for less than 5$ a month. Bluehost is the best cheap hosting option if you can pay for 3 years upfront. Hostinger is the cheapest one available. And Namecheap offers the best value with lower prices and monthly payment options.

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