Making a website is tough for people having no idea about it. Before making a website, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cost To Make A Website. We will talk about how much it costs to make a new WordPress website.

Making A Website From Scratch.

Websites can be personal or professional. The personal sites are the first websites containing articles talking about basic subjects. The subjects can be their own knowledge or others. Professional websites are the business websites selling their services to visitors.

The essential cost for making these websites includes purchasing a Domain name and Hosting. Domain name and Hosting are the first expenses from your pocket.

1.Purchasing Domain Name.

You have to wait 15 seconds.

The first purchase for making a website is the domain name. The domain name is the URL address of a website. The top-level domain like .com,.net, etc. It Will cost about 10$ for the first year. On promotional period domain names can be very cheap to purchase. Recommend domain purchasing websites are GoDaddy, NameCheap.

2.Hosting for Website.

To hold the website resources, it needs web hosting. Hosting can be shared or dedicated. As a beginner, its obvious to take a shared hosting. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan anytime. Remember that shared Hosting gives less bandwidth for your website than a dedicated one.

3.Customization Of Website

This can be different for different persons. Some will customize their website on their own. But a lot of people don’t know how to customize their website. They will hire someone to customize their website. This will have an additional expense for them.

4.Content Writing.

You shouldn’t leave your website blank. I hope your answer is yes. To make the necessary content, you will need a proper Content writer. You can write your content if you have the proper idea of how to write articles. Otherwise seek help from professional writers. You can hire them from Fiverr.

5.Maintenance and Others.

Maintenance for your website is necessary to keep your website running smooth . This will cost money. On the flip side, you may need premium themes and plugins to keep your website running smoothly. The premium themes and plugins cost somewhat a lot for WordPress.

WordPress Vs Blogger for making a website.

Along with WordPress, the blogger also hosts a website. Blogger is owned and managed by Google. The most useful feature of hosting a website on blogger is that you will not need external hosting cost. Blogger will host your website for free.

If your website gets a lot of viewers, then there is a possibility of your wordpress website crashing. This happens because your hosting plan has limited resources. To avoid this, you will meed dedicated Hosting that will cost more money. On the other hand, the blogger will not face any crashing issue as Google manages it. They provide unlimited resources for their users.

The only field that blogger lags is the customization options for the website. There are limited themes to select and no plugin support. Again the website controls do not remain on your hands. Google has the rights to disable your website anytime. In this matter wordpress is different. You will have full control over your website.

Why is WordPress best to make a website?

Most of the professionals prefer wordpress to create their website. There are many reasons for this. WordPress provides numerous features for website customization. There are thousands of themes and plugins to make your website more attractive. The security measures are also tight. After all, WordPress is user friendly. You will have complete control over your website no matter what.

Make a website and earn money.

Websites can earn a fortune. Making money by creating a website is a long tradition. Peoples are making huge cash, creating a website, and providing their services. This includes but not limited to affiliate marketing, e-commerce, advertisement, etc.

Affiliate marketing with a website makes the most money. You need to create articles about the products you are promoting. People will buy the product from your referral link and you will get money.

Making money with advertisement includes Google Adsense and others. Google will show ads on your website, and for this, you will earn some money. The more visitors a website gets the more potential to earn money with Adsense increases.


Creating a website will cost some money but not much that it will make your pocket empty. On average if you make a website from scratch, it will cost around 100$ in case you hire someone to build it. Otherwise, if you can do everything on your own, then it just needs a domain name and web hosting. This will not cost more than 20 USD.

If you can manage these expenses and make your website, there are huge opportunities to get the investment back. Making money with a website is not a hard thing to do. We have covered that topic earlier.

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