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Google One and google one pricing

Google One is formerly known as Google Drive storage since 2018. It is a cloud storage service offered by Google. Users will get 15GB of storage for free upon signing up. You can get 100GB of space for just $2 a month for signing up for Google One membership.

What is Google One? Features of Google One

Google One is a monthly subscription based online cloud storage for storing files across Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. You can get a membership of Google One by purchasing any of its current plan.

Google Drive Storage

Google Drive has its traditional 15GB of free storage for everyone. Only if you want to get more storage you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for Google One cloud storage. There are many storage options for different prices. You can choose any plan you need.

Google One Pricing

Google One pricing depends on storage options. There are 6 different tiers. 

  1. 100GB for $2 monthly or $20 annually.
  2. 200GB for $3 monthly or $30 annually.
  3. 2TB for $10 monthly or $100 annually.
  4. 10TB for $100 monthly.
  5. 20TB for $200 monthly.
  6. 30TB for $300 monthly.