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Building an online presence as of 2020 is much easier than the past. If you wish to make your online presence felt then building a website for it is the best possible way. Building a website from scratch may seem complicated. That’s why we are here.

Guide To Make A Website In 2020.

How to build a website? This question always comes to our mind whenever we try to build our online presence nowadays. When HTML CSS but now WordPress Since the beginning people have been creating website using HTML and CSS. But now we got so many easy options to use for making a website that we don’t need any knowledge of HTML and CSS. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla made building websites affordable and easy for beginners.

I am Diego Moxley. Since 2008 I have been working as a software engineer and web developer. I have built many websites using HTML and CSS from the beginning. I have a lot of knowledge and experience in website building platforms like WordPress.

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WordPress Is Widely Used Platform For Website Building

According to recent studies, WordPress is the most used website building platform in the world. I will talk about its pros and cons by comparing it with other platforms. Most of the website developers prefer WordPress as their primary choice. WordPress gives tons of customization features and customizable themes. Premium themes are much more compatible and attractive to look at. Free themes are also good with some limits. However, the easy to use and beginner-friendly interface made it the most used platform today.

WordPress vs HTML & CSS.

HTML and CSS are used by professional developers for building a professional website. This doesn’t mean that WordPress can’t build a professional website. The thing is you are limited to customize your website based on your theme. You cannot customize further than your theme offers. I meant to say that if you want to make your website look according to your taste you simply can’t. The theme needs to support your choice after all.

On the opposite side, HTML and CSS will give the looks of your website completely on your hand. But as a beginner or non-professional, you can simply go and build your website with HTML and CSS. It takes years to master HTML.

WordPress is better than other platform.

It’s simple to say, WordPress is by far the best platform to build a website. The user-friendly interface makes it stand out from the crowd.

WordPress doesn’t need any knowledge of HTML and CSS. The availability of hundreds and thousands of themes makes it the most useful platform until now.
Along with themes plugins for WordPress give a little more functionality over the existing features.

You don’t need any cost to start your website. The only cost that will take at first is the domain and hosting cost. We will take about it later.

Steps to do after selection

The selection of WordPress for your website will be a wise decision. In my opinion, everyone should begin with the WordPress website to start the website development journey.

Ok, let’s assume you are ready to start your website on WordPress. Before jumping in you do have some checklist to clear. These steps are necessary for your website. So let’s discuss the checklist.

1. Buy a Domain Name.

Every house has an address, right? Similarly, your website should have a definite address. And the name called domain to say is just the address of your website. Anyone coming through this domain address will land on to your website.

A domain name can be free or paid. On WordPress, you will get a free domain name with “. WordPress” extension. This should not be the domain of your own website. For this, it is necessary to buy a custom domain name.

Buying a custom domain name will cost a few bucks. You need to choose your preferred domain name for your website. You must choose a high authority extension like .com, .net, etc. Reliable domain providers are GoDaddy, Namecheap, HostGator, and many more.

2. Buy Hosting.

Already you have chosen your domain name and bought it. Now it’s time to get your hosting.

Hosting is the storage of your website data and files on the cloud. All information on the website will be stored on the hosting service. Choose a shared or dedicated hosting plan accordingly. As a beginner choose a shared hosting plan as it will cost you less.

3. Direct Nameservers to Hosting.

After getting a domain and hosting, the next step to do is to direct the Nameservers of your domain to hosting service.

You will get nameserver address from your hosting provider through email at the time of purchase. You need to access your domain nameservers and paste the hosting address there. Bonus tip: you can ask your domain provider to update the Nameservers if you bought hosting from them.

4. Install WordPress on the Website.

Installing WordPress on your website can be automatic or manual. There is softaculous application installer on every hosting service. On there choose WordPress install and follow the quick guide to install.

On the manual process, you need to download the latest WordPress and upload it to your hosting. You have to create a database and user to give access to WordPress.

5. Design of website.

After all the previous steps, its time to design your own website. The website should not look unprofessional after all. It should be neat and easy to navigate. The user on your website should not find difficulty browsing through the website.

Firstly you should change the default images or colors of the theme you used( if it has). Create menus and add them to the top navigation. The menus should contain pages about your website topics, about us pages. This will make your website look incredibly professional and will stand out.

6. Write Enough Content.

A website without any content is nothing but an empty stadium. Writing articles will make your website a place to get knowledge for the visitors. So it is necessary to write proper articles.

Content for your website should be according to the preferred niches or topics. If you want to write about online business ideas then write multiple articles on it and make it a category. This will help you and the visitors to find the information quickly. However, it is also a good idea to write articles on various topics.

You are ready to launch the Website.

Finally, you have come across all the steps to make a WordPress website and launch it on the web. The next thing to do is bringing visitors to your site.

Firstly it will be difficult to bring visitors to your website. But it is not an impossible thing to do after all. You need to have knowledge about SEO for ranking your website on Google search.

People around the world can search for a query and find your website. They will definitely visit your website if they find any value from your articles. If you are not good at SEO then paid Advertisement will be your best option.

Get Visitors Doing Advertisement Online.

Online advertisement is an easy and simple way to get the desired visitors to any website. Many platforms offer this online advertisement features. Most well known are Facebook, Google Ads, Taboola, etc.

Choose the articles you want to advertise on. It is also possible to target a certain age group and location for your advertisement. You need to have some budget for running this advertisement campaign. After all this, you will definitely build your online presence in 2020.

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