Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud Security for Online Storage

Secure Cloud Storage is necessary for the storage of personal data stored online. The first thing a person will think before storing any data online is the Security Of Cloud Storage. Cloud Security provides the security of your data with their own technological infrastructure.

How Cloud Storage Security Works

The cloud storage providers use various data centers of their own located in different locations to store and process your data.

For Secured Cloud Storage, 3 types of cloud storage are commonly used. The Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud storage facilities.Third-party companies often manage public clouds. Email, office apps commonly use this service. The Private Clouds as the name suggests is a private cloud storage system. Any specific organization uses this service to protect their data. These data are often encrypted. The hybrid system is a mixture of both facilities.

Characteristics Of Secure Cloud Storage

The security of any cloud storage should have some characteristics. This includes-

Secure Files: Any files stored in the cloud storage should have measures encrypting the files. It should protect sensitive data at the time of transition and at rest.

Privacy Policy: The storage service should clearly mention about their privacy policy to its customer. This includes what and where it collects data from its users. They also reflect not to sell any user information.

Account Security: The service must include user account security from online threats. The customer service should be real-time for any user.

Best Cloud Backup Service

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Talking about the best cloud backup services in the market needs to properly understand the needs. We will talk about some cloud storage services with their pros and cons.

1. IDrive

A very well known and versatile cloud storage service is IDrive. User can access their data once it is stored in the server. You can have a very versatile job with your data.

2. Dropbox Business

Dropbox is a very secure and popular cloud storage service provider. It has multiple plans to choose from according to your needs

3. OneDrive

Microsoft owns and manages this service. If you own a large business and want the security of your data then OneDrive is best for you. It has a 10GB free user data plan but you can easily upgrade your plan.

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